Synonymes sprl is a professional translation agency founded in 2001 and member of the Belgian Society of Translators, Interpreters and Philologists. We offer a broad range of high quality translation and editing/proofreading services from and into French, English, Dutch and German. Moreover, in the near future this range will be extended to incorporate the Spanish language.

Translation of a document is demanding work. For more than 15 years, our sole profession has been that of sworn translators.

A high-quality text presented in understandable language that is technically and formally suited to the ‘native speaker’ who will read it is the guarantee of your company’s image of seriousness and professionalism. In the matter of translations, being approximate is not only inefficient in terms of communication, but may even be risky to the conduct of business affairs.

Very often an export deal is won by the quality of relations between the contracting parties. An offer, an official document, a clearly and unequivocally worded contract is a decisive tool in this regard and forms an integral part of the transaction.

Whether the stakes at issue are very important or purely routine, within the deadlines set we always devote special attention to achieving a translation that is true to both the letter and the spirit of the source document.

Because this bears on your reputation, just as it does on ours.

This mindset has enabled us to win the trust of leading companies and, we hope, will win over your trust as well.

We wish you an enjoyable visit to this site.