We can assist you with all language tasks in a lot of expert or specialised domains. We translate and edit/proofreading all kinds of texts from and into French, English, Dutch and German (and in the near future also Spanish). Our translators exclusively work into their own mother tongue, which contributes to the high quality of the translations we supply.

We also address sworn translations, which means our translations are valid in court.

Confidentiality being of the utmost importance to us, we take all necessary measures to deliver your translations as soon as possible and at a very competitive price.

All our translations are systematically revised twice to assure their reliability and quality.

Legal translations

As sworn translators at the Court of First Instance and the Police Court of Liège, we offer a long-time experience in the field of judicial translations.

Herewith please find some examples of documents: Administrative deeds – commercial contracts – partnership contracts – writs and assignations – minutes – verdicts and legal decisions – company statutes – General sales terms and conditions – Call for bids – etc.

The legal aspect of a translation can have major consequences.

Financial translations

The exactitude of the numbers set out in a financial translation is very important, but the accompanying terms are just as important. A good interpretation of a company audit or of a statement of account assumes an understanding of the environment of the company involved. The translators working on these projects are all persons who are making their career or have spent many years in this domain.

Marketing translations

You regularly communicate information, editorial content, a press review. We can take charge of the full task of updating your information. We offer you a high-performance and rapid service. We will assign a dedicated interlocutor to respond efficiently to your deadlines. We can also make a flat rate offer providing preferential treatment.

Marketing is an integral part of corporate strategy. The terms used should be understood immediately and not confuse the vision of the intended reader with a translation that might poorly interpret a description of the market or of the product. It is thus essential that you entrust these translations to experts in the field.

Herewith please find some examples of documents: presentation brochures – press releases – in-house communications – marketing analyses – market studies – questionnaires on consumer satisfaction – editorial content – etc.

Technical translations

We take care of your technical translations and assure a high level of precision and reliability in the target text trough careful and diligent research on the terminology and context.

Herewith please find some examples of documents: Product catalogues – data sheets – technical instructions – user manuals – presentation brochures - specifications - certification standards – medical reports – etc.

Cultural translations

We have a rich experience in translating visitor guidebooks and gladly take on all your cultural, informational or specialised projects.

Translation of websites

We translate all sorts of websites and adapt to your needs as well as possible.

Computer skills

We generally work with the SDL Trados Studio software. The 2011 version is the one we most frequently use, but we are also able to work from older versions, such as 2009 or 2007, allowing us to increase our possibilities. We equally use the programme Tag Editor for documents made in HTML.

The format of the source documents we work with is generally Microsoft Word, but we equally translate texts in Excel, PDF, Power Point or HTML.